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Regardless of profession or specialization, every job position has some basic responsibilities that must be fulfilled. Our team’s primary responsibility is to ensure that everyone is safe throughout the entire process of working in our company. Our team will monitor and properly manage each customer’s journey, ensuring that everyone implements and complies with security policy. Also, the client in collaboration with Viva View will plan and ensure an efficient use of time. The search for the necessary information that the client needs, the organization of each step-from the beginning, progress and completion – is the responsibility of our company.

Can foreigners buy houses in Albania? – Certainly! Albania is generally open to foreigners buying houses. The legal framework allows non-resident to own real estate, and the process is relatively straightforward. Foreign buyers can acquire both land and property, but it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, possibly with legal assistance, to navigate any specific regulations, restrictions, or local nuances that may apply. It’s also advisable to be aware of potential changes in laws or policies related to foreign ownership. Overall, the real estate market in Albania has attracted international buyers due to its affordability and scenic locations.

How can we help foreign clients to invest in Albania?

  1. Legal Consultation: 
    We will enable foreign clients to contact local legal professionals in Albania who specialize in real estate. They can provide detailed information on laws, regulations and any recent changes affecting property ownership.
  2. Help for documentation: 
    We will provide support in gathering and understanding the documentation required for property transactions. This may include legal translations and making sure all documents are in order.
  3. Local real estate agents: 
    Working with experienced local real estate agents who can guide foreign clients through the property market, providing knowledge of specific regions, property values ​​and potential investment opportunities.
  4. Government Resources: 
    We will direct clients to official government resources, such as the Ministry of Justice or local municipality websites, where they can find up-to-date information on property laws and regulations.
  5. Regular updates: 
    We will provide continuous updates on any changes or legal developments that may affect foreigners’ property ownership. This ensures that clients stay informed about their investments.7. Cultural orientation:We will provide knowledge on the cultural and social aspects of Albania to help foreign clients integrate better. Understanding local customs and norms can contribute to a smoother property buying experience.
  6. Online resources: 
    We will provide a list of reputable online resources that provide information on Albanian real estate laws. This may include government websites, legal blogs or forums where individuals share their experiences.
  7. Due diligence support: 
    We will assist clients in performing full due diligence on properties of interest, including title searches, property history and any potential legal issues that may arise.
  8. Language services: 
    Offer language assistance or connect clients with translators who can help overcome any language barriers when dealing with legal documents or interacting with local authorities.